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About us Avris

Meet us

Meet us. We are Avris and we help you.

We deal with consulting and implementation of GDPR and information security, ISO standards, custom software development
and training of employees of companies and organizations. Meet us and find out more.

Dear partners and friends,

I am glad to present you Avris Consulting.

For those who have not met with us yet, we are a consulting company with many years of experience, particularly in the field of information security and GDPR, a number of ISO standards and standards for car dealerships. The another important division deals with different projects and our IT development section develop custom softwares.

I believe that those who know us also consider us as nice and professionally educated and enthusiastic people who know that the essence of their work is to give the client maximum, they can help and motivate each other and work together as a team.

Ing. Daniel Karas, CEO


The reasons to choose Avris as a partner

About us Our values

Professionality and quality

Necessity. We take this as a value that we unconditionally and in all circumstances provide to our partners. We do not claim that everyone knows everything. That is why we complement and help each other. In addition, continuous education is a matter of course for us.



individual education

About us Our values


We take our work seriously. We are not talking about sitting for eight hours in front of a computer in the office or at client's place. It is all about work that is always done in accordance with the best conscience. And it's often over the standard eight hours working time.
About us Our values


Everything needs to be reasonably considered. We do not do things that distract us or our client. We always try to guide ourselves and do what makes sense.
About us Our values


We are constantly working on good relationships. Partnerships have a number of mutual benefits from which both parties can benefit. We try to be available to our clients whenever they need us, but we also like to organize different activities within the team.
About us Our values


Why do things get complicated? We always try to solve things so they are not complicated. Complexity brings concerns to us and our clients. Whatever we deal with - processes, mutual cooperation, custom software development - we try to maintain the lowest possible level of complexity.
Avris Meet us

Our team


Dates We are here for you


Založenie Avris Spoznajte nás


Establishment of Avris Consulting.

Avris 2011 Spoznajte nás


We have mastered the consequences of the crisis.

Avris 2016 Spoznajte nás


We are expanding and launching a new Avris Academy project.

Avris 2018 Spoznajte nás


We move forward, launch a new website and be enthusiastic about new challenges.

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